Actor | Theatre Maker | Writer

As a theatremaker I am fascinated by the physicality of the human (body). For me it gives comfort but also brings together all human beings. There is one thing that connects us all and that is the body. My work always strives to put that first. I use the word ‘fleshliness’ as a starting point to look at our bodies. The flesh of our bodies is something that we can relate to. We feel, see, taste, smell our flesh and that of the other. It connects us as humans and also has our finitude in it. 

Secondly, I am inspired by existentialistic philosophy. The meaninglessness of our bodies in this world can paralyze us but can also makes us go wild. There is nothing exactly to strive for; there is not one human goal so… all is possible. Existentialism also keeps connecting to the questions of this time: climate, ethnicity, capitalism, phobias.

My work focuses mainly on these two things. They are starting positions to create, to move. Via this I attempt to connect – to the time, the space, the other and myself. 

I grew up in Ostend, Belgium and graduated from the Mime School in Amsterdam (Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten) in 2020.

Photo Lily Cummings