A Night of Inspiration

A Night of Inspiration grew out of my own necessity to be inspired. To be mesmerized by people and their perspective in our world. Bellevue Theatre gave me the chance to try this new concept that combines food for the mind with food for the belly. And so it began.

Four experts from across the arts, sciences and humanities present their work and research in the first of a brand new talk series that promises to spark the imagination and boggle the mind.

Curated and moderated by myself, A Night of Inspiration combines inspirational talks with a cosy living-room atmosphere and delicious food, allowing you to explore a universe of possibility from the comfort of your couch.

Selected for their originality, passion and excellence, each speaker will immerse you for 15 minutes in their world, offering you a rare, cross-disciplinary insight into the evening’s theme. With access points across cultures, professions and interests, there’s something for everyone.

The first edition of this new series is titled New Perspectives on Space and explored cosmic ethics, underground ecosystems, repurposed architecture and imagined future spaces. The experts were Sammia Elbakry (space law), Vasilis Kokkoris (fungi), Hannah Schubert (new ruïnes) and the duo Charlotte Gillain/Zak Lennard (existing in a time of Holocene extinction).

The second edition is titled The Modified Body. be held on the 3th of May. Speakers are to be announced. This edition will tell stories about how to become a superhuman via biohacking, why it’s better to shrink to 152 cm and will give us insights about the longevity-philosophy. The experts are Peter Joosten, Arne Hendriks and Rhiannon Zivkovic.