ENJAMBRE is a poetic, urgent and naked artistic work.
It’s a body and visual experience that reaches the viewer through broken images.

We see an agglomerated formation of thirty human beings
attempting to become a mirror that reflects our animal identity:
millions of years of segregations and body conjunctions
that reproduce and extinguish, cycle by cycle, forever.

Swarm is a millennial ritual rooted in our bodies.

Idea and creation
Fabian Santarciel de la Quintana / Tráfico
Co-Creator Core
Matteo Bifulco, Nick Deroo, Melisa Garcia Lueches, Cecilia Cappi,
Julieta Malaneschii, Camila Romero Lema, Kim Verbeke, Erik Van de Wijdeven
Performers on stage
Core co-creator and twenty-five guest artists
Space design and lighting
Sergio Marcelo de los Santons
Camila Romero Lema
Loes van der Pligt
Rob Smorenberg
Amsterdam University of the Arts (NL)
Jexe Space (UY)
IENBA-Bachelor’s in Contemporary Dance (UY)
Mime Wave Festiva (UA)

Première December 2018