It really hurts when your head hits the concrete

A man drags his companion around with him like a rag doll. A 70-kilo body that is bound to him for eternity. The Sancho Panza to his Don Quixote. A Swiss Army knife to help him in his search for a home. Do you need water? A tap on his head. You can’t see where to go? Just stand on top of the other. And there’s also something with a kiss and a fish…

The quest takes them through the sickly sweet, the absurd, the terrifying and the poignant. And will leave you wanting for more. Cause when was the last time you saw a human radio?

DeRonde/Deroo takes you into their poetic physical world in this short performance. It really hurts when your head hits the concrete gives you an insight into their comical melancholic world. Expect an iconoclastic trip that reads like a poem and carries you to peaks of acrobatic virtuosity. You’re in for a treat.

This performance was made to be performed outdoors: in the sand, on grass or even real concrete (depending on the quality). But there’s an inside theatre version that’s just as striking.

This performance is currently in the research fase. Expect things coming up in 2024!

Concept & Creation
Nick Deroo & Tom de Ronde
Sound Design
Jethro Cooke
Joshua Walter

Thanks to Niels Nijs